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For several years since 2003 Wikipedia for TomeRaider was the only product on any handheld device that allowed you to browse the unabridged Wikipedia offline. I keep these pages for historical reference only.

Order the Wikipedia Encyclopedia for your handheld or notebook


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Image sizes

max 157x210 pixels
strong compression

max 180x240 pixels
medium compression

max 221x295 pixels
mild compression

Pocket PC and largest edition (*) only:

Part of the maps are stored in their original size, but shown in reduced size in an article. Clicking on it reveals the larger version in a zoom-pan box

* English edition: Files larger than 2 Gb

thumbnail version in article

zoom-pan box

Applicable to largest editions for Pocket PC only (English > 2 Gb): You can pan and zoom many maps and diagrams, this way all texts are readable. You will see a smaller version when you open the article, but by clicking on an image you can zoom and pan the larger original. Unfortunately this functionality is not supported by TomeRaider for Palm.

Of course I have not checked all 320,000 images to see which are maps and which are not. Instead the following criterium is used: maps and diagrams usually contain large areas in one colour, therefore png and gif images that compress better than 1:10, and do not exceed a certain file size, are not resized. Really large maps and diagrams are only stored in small format, like any other image.