Wikipedia for TomeRaider - Support

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For several years since 2003 Wikipedia for TomeRaider was the only product on any handheld device that allowed you to browse the unabridged Wikipedia offline. I keep these pages for historical reference only.

Wikipedia for TomeRaider - Support


Installation of the TomeRaider file

You received a DVD with one or more TomeRaider files on it (extension .tr3).

PC: All you need to do is to copy this file to your PC or notebook. Then double-click the .tr3 file in Explorer and it loads in TomeRaider.

Handheld: Copy the file(s) to your Mac or PC, then transfer them to your handheld. Unless your handheld has gigabytes of memory built-in, you will need to put it on a external memory card (Compact Flash, SD, etc, depending on what your handheld supports). Pocket PC/Windows Mobile users can transfer the file to their handheld via ActiveSync. But if you have an external card reader (either built-in in your PC or Mac or as an optional device attached via USB) transfer of the huge files to the memory card is considerably faster via that route. Palm users should rename the file extension to .pdb.

Support for external links: Pocket PC/Windows Mobile

The newest TomeRaider for Windows and TomeRaider for handhelds editions (3.5) supports external links. The newest Wikipedia for TomeRaider files (2007) supports this feature as well.

External links are shown in green (internal links blue). Where in older Wikipedia for TomeRaider editions external links were presented as non-clickable fixed texts, you can now click an external link and it will load the page in your browser. Of course this requires an active internet connection, on handhelds probably via WiFi.

Please take notice that TomeRaider only supports external links from version 3.5 onwards. Older TomeRaider versions do not recognize external links. You can download all three TomeRaider builds and (re-)install any of them to compare interface and functionality. In case you get a warning that the application is locked, do a soft reset and restart the installation.

Version 3.1 Download
Original interface
Version 3.2 Download
Experimental interface. My favorite.
It takes a while to get used to,
but it has best viewing space.
Version 3.5 Download
Redesigned original interface. Support for external links.
Read more

Version 3.2 works also very well at landscape mode.
Version 3.5 reintroduces the original landscape mode bug (two scroll bars).

Installation of a unicode font

Optional: in order to render all unicode characters (foreigh languages and advanced math) on your Pocket PC or Windows you may choose to install a unicode font. Read the procedure.

Performance on Pocket PC (Image Edition only)

On Pocket PC's TomeRaider (or the Windows MSIE engine which does most of the work) exhibits a very noticeable delay on article open for very large articles with lots of tables and/or images. This effect has been mitigated by dividing the longest articles in several (interlinked) sections, but is still noticeable, e.g. article Berlin in the German Wikipedia. Again this mostly applies to editions with images. This is not to be considered a fault of either ebook reader or operating system, it is simply a result of the very complicated markup used in Wikipedia articles (html and css) which stretches the capacities of handhelds to the limit. Since TomeRaider for Palm ignores most markup the situation is incomparable.

Handheld used for testing: IPAQ HX4700 with a Apacer 100X speed 4Gb compact flash card.