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Wikipedian since 2002. Data Analyst at Wikimedia Foundation since 2008.

I also do photography. Some prints are for sale. See below

Infodisiac blog - Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in numbers

Animated growth figures per Wikimedia project

Wikipedia edits visualized

Wikipedia Encyclopedia on your handheld or notebook (phased out)

From 2003 onwards I published the first take-away full edition of Wikipedia.
Imagine a million articles and 320,000 smartly resized images on a 1Gb memory card (2008).
Major lesson learned: don't rely on closed source niche software.


Statistics for all Wikipedias

Enough tables, bar charts and plots to keep you busy for a while, available in:

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I started this as Wikipedia volunteer in 2003.
Since 2008 it is part of my job as Data Analyst at the Wikimedia Foundation.

EasyTimeline for Historical Charts

Generate graphical timelines from a simple script.
You can then easily correct, extend or translate it.

Browse the huge repository at Wikipedia, xor read the introduction first.

Integral part of Mediawiki, Wikipedia's code base, but it can be used stand-alone.


Category trees (inactive)

These have now been integrated into the Wikimedia statistics pages.
Index pages: Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikinews, Wikibooks and Wikispecial

Activity per Wikimedia mailing list

Which Wikimedia mailing lists are frequently updated?
Which Wikimedia editors are most active and where ?

Concise version of the Mediawiki dump progress report

My Wikimedia Presentations

Wikimania 2005: The Grand Unified Timeline of Human History sheets and speaker notes (PDF).

Wikimania 2005: Analysing and Visualising Wikipedia: annotated sheets (PDF)

Dutch Wikimedia Conference 2008: Wikimedia becijferd (Dutch): sheets (PDF)

Wikimania 2009: Wikimedia in figures: sheets (PDF) sheets (ODP)

Gallery of Wikipedia Main Pages

Screenshots of 275 Wikipedia 'Main Pages'.
Most recently collected in January 2015 (Wikipedia's 10th anniversary).
For the largest Wikipedias there are main pages from several years.
There is also an animated version.

Pages reduced to 40% size (here 24%). Collected with url2bmp.exe (Windows freeware)


I also do photography

Some prints are for sale




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